Number one

Number one is done. Although, not really number one. I think yesterday's session was session number 31, but I'm beginning to loose count. Due to the fact that several doctors were on holiday, things went very slowly and even if I was there at 8.45 am, they did not start chemo until 11.45 am. But it was and is ok so far. A bit of nausea but not too bad, a bit tired but not too bad, a bit red in the face, but not too bad. The only thing that bothered me dreadfully yesterday was that I could not get the smell of CCity off of me. I always feel like people can smell the chemo meds in my blood from a 10 meters distance. I took a shower, washed my short, curly (yes, yes) hair twice and I could still smell it in the water dripping down my face. Last night when I went to the toilet, I could smell it re-entering the bedroom. Probably lingering in my clothes. I hate that smell, it makes me feel chemical and sick even when I'm not.

Anyway, when I was with the doctor (not my usual doctor BTW) I was able to take a glance at my file. My tumor marker (from two months ago) has rocketed sky high and my liver enzymes are no longer normal either, so the new treatment was and is obviously unavoidable and therefore justifiable.(?) I'm ready for it. I'll take it step by step and day by day as I have learned to by now. My ostrich-coping-strategy works wonders for my mood and fighting spirit, so I'll try to stick to it and not think about what could happen but enjoy what is today.

Take care and live the day !



Picture taken at the Tall Ships Race in Antwerp last Sunday...

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--- Glad to read it is going well so far -
let's keep it that way!

Gepost door: lavender faery | 22-08-06

I hope it will continue to be "not too bad"!

I don't think the chemical smell is just an idea in your mind. Every time I had chemo, my dog (who usually was very cuddly) didn't want to come near me. It got better after 2 days.
Big hug!

Gepost door: Elly | 23-08-06

Dikke knuffel Changing clothes doesn't help?
Sleep tight
Big hug

Gepost door: Daphné | 24-08-06

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