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Two days to go. Will this be the one treatment that sticks for a while? Preferably some years in stead of some months this time. What a rotten disease this is. If I choose not to undergo any treatment, I'll die in a lot of pain. If I DO undergo treatment, I'll die too, also in a lot of pain. It'll only take a few years longer and I will hopefully be able to experience some more happy moments and create some more memories for my kids. What a choice. I need 10 years at the least. More preferably, but ten is an absolute minimum. Ten more years so I can have a glimpse into the future. See into what kind of persons my children will grow up. What will they be? How will they look? What will they be like?  What boyfriends/girlfriends will they bring home? I want to be around while they do all that. The thought of somebody else (besides my husband of course) raising my children and filling their memories makes me sick with jealousy. It has to be me, going through the emotions of first loves, diplomas, heart aches, pimples and periods, festivals and parties. Me and their dad together. They need me and I need them. I also have so much left to teach them, wisdom to share with them, good advice and bad advice to give them. I don't want to leave them. Not yet. Ten years. Minimum.Less simply will not do !

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wat mooi... Tranen staan in mijn ogen... 10 jaar... Ik wens ze je met gans mijn hart toe :)

Gepost door: Anne | 19-08-06

°°° I actually don't know what to say. It all sounds so shallow...

I sincerely hope this treatment is 'the one' and may give you as many years as needed to do all the things mothers do with their children...

Gepost door: Zita | 19-08-06

Words will not do as a reaction...

My cat-safe candles are burning especially for you,
for your husband, for your children,
and for at least 10more years together...

Maybe your guardian angle looks like the one I encountered by chance on the internet today: www.protectionwings.com....

Gepost door: lavender faery | 19-08-06

Anneke, laat die duistere gedachten niet toe! Je kinderen kennen je door en door en zullen je later NOOIT vergeten.
Let wel, LATER!!! Niet zo pessimistisch zijn..je kinderen zullen je ( ze zijn geen baby's meer)altijd herinneren als een lieve, speelse, gevoelige mama ....maar daar is het nu VEEL te vroeg voor!!!!
Geniet nu toch eens van elk moment! Geef jezelf niet op alsjeblief! Ik denk echt waar elke dag aan jou!!!

Gepost door: chinezeke | 19-08-06

*** I wish you a chair on their weddingtable, and possibly some extra years too. Maybe a new drug will be found sometime soon, a new cure, I sincerely hope so.


Gepost door: inge | 19-08-06

~~ I sincerely wish you get the ten years, but what I really wish is that you get much more than ten years, much much more.....!

Gepost door: Crisje | 20-08-06

At least 10 years and many many more is what I wish you will get. You have been strong till now and will continue to be strong, I'm convinced of that. Your fighting spirit combined with the medicines will do it! Believe in it and keep hoping that one of the new drugs that are being under development will be the one for you. I'm always being told in the hospital that there are great revolutions going on in that area.
Big hug.

Gepost door: Elly | 20-08-06

*** Not 10 years, but many many many more hopefully!!
Kiss & hug.

Gepost door: kaatje | 20-08-06

blijven vechten hoor en langer dan 10 jaar, we duimen me e

Gepost door: willy | 20-08-06

if i could lock up time i would do it in a minute
but as a very good friend of mine
said this morning (or was it this afternoon?)
to me:
"live the moment"
big hugg!!!!!!!!!

Gepost door: abnormalia | 20-08-06

... Ik denk aan je.

Gepost door: Zita | 21-08-06

Please... a-tje please, do believe in the magic of your dreams. You have my testimonial to prove it can work. Not only 10 but all 35 years long. I saw grow up my children and even my grandchildren now. Get strong, girl!

Gepost door: Elveebee | 21-08-06

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