Six days

I have six days to go before my first chemo of the new series. In a way I'm glad because the last six or five days I'm experiencing quite a bit of pain in my upper abdomen. Must be my liver getting irritated and enlarged, pressing on the nerves leading to my belly and my back. Especially walking, sitting, bending, coughing and taking deep breaths is a bit painful. Eh, what else is left, you'll ask. Resting I assume. By now my total upper body is completely cramped up and half of the time it feels like I'm hyperventilating. So, I'm hoping chemo will reduce the pain quickly so my liver can go back to normal. On the other hand I am not really looking forward to having chemo while the kids are still home. Until now I have been able to manage my chemo sessions in a way they never happened during school holidays. Hubbie's time off will be over by next week and the kids have sports camps and sleep overs planned, so lots of driving around. I will need to arrange and organize....

But then again, no rest for the wicked. The next six days will be filled with clearing the house from holiday clutter, preparing the kids schoolbags, and hopefully doing some painting (round the house and on canvas). Bed time is scheduled for the week after...


PS. Yes, I know it's Mothers day today and yes, I know I am supposed to sleep in today but fact is I'm wide awake since 5 am, because reality struck and made me think of all the things to be done. Bye bye holiday, bye bye sea. Back to reality.

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Fijne moederdag! Geniet er toch maar van en plan niet te veel
(maar ik weet dat dat moeilijk is).
Welcome back!

Gepost door: lavender faery | 15-08-06

overwerk je niet hé lieve meid!

Gepost door: Anne | 15-08-06

een gelukkige moederdag!
Ik duim in ieder geval voor volgende week.

Gepost door: chinezeke | 15-08-06

Glad you're back! It's obvious that you really enjoyed the holiday despite of the weather. I'm wishing you some more free time with no hassel in the next few days to prepare yourself (although we know that's not really possible...).
Big hug,

Gepost door: Elly | 15-08-06

painting... ... hm, en veel verder kom ik nu vandaag precies niet in tengels, maar eh, als je kan schilderen doen hoor! (op canvas bedoel ik ;-) ) en anders en al een beetje op voorhand: wish you all the best! be strong... (zeggen ze tegen mij ook altijd en ergens denk ik dan toch dat het helpt of minstens geen kwaad kan :S )

Gepost door: an | 15-08-06

duimen duimen duimen.... En aan je denken is al wat we kunnen doen, is behoorlijk weinig he, maar toch gemeend...
ik heb ontzettend veel bewondering voor jou, je bent een beresterkske...

Gepost door: zuchtje | 16-08-06

~~ Dikke kus en een knuffel!

Gepost door: Crisje | 17-08-06

big hug en veel moed en toch moet je niet opgeen en proberen verder te gaan, maar d epijn is iets waar je nooit aan went

Gepost door: willy | 17-08-06

I've still got youre email, congratulating me on the birth of our little girl. You're so courageous and funny and great. I don't know what to say to make it all better, so I just won't say anything except: I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Gepost door: Talforthes | 18-08-06

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