Hot, hot, hot...

It's too hot to sleep. In our bedroom, anyway. Hubbie is having a go at it, but, as you -obviously- can see, I'm still here spilling my heart out. If it weren't for the mosquitos and all the other crawling, creeping, creepy things out there, I'd put my bed in the garden any time. Just being able to look at the stars would make it worhtwhile. But no. Me and creepy things don't mix that well. So here I am.

Whatever I may have said or written before, tension around the house is clearly mounting as Thursday comes nearer. Will it be another day of tears and sorrow as yet another treatment option does not work, or will it be filled with laughter and joy? In my mind I prepare for the worst and hope for the best, as I always do, but I do hope that the guardian angel that has been sent my way, (so I'm told) will answer my prayers. At this stage I feel there is nothing more I can do, than pray for his assistance. Not that I spend every Sunday in church but I do believe there must be someone, somebody out there watching over me. Or is that just desasperation talking and am I believing what I want to believe at this stage? now?  There are lots of things that cannot be explained by science and Hubbie will chuckle when he reads this, but I do believe there are angels watching over us. If not, I would have been dead long ago. So, I'm calling all angels and am asking them for assistance and strength and to please put in a good word for me....



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guardian angel I, too, like to believe those guardian angels are out there, somewhere, watching over us...
Hope yours is doing more than his/hers normal best for you at this moment....

Gepost door: lavender faery | 26-07-06

kracht als je daar kracht uit put uit dat geloof dan is dat natuurlijk iets heel positiefs.. Zelf ben ik atheïst, maar ik denk wel dat het leven en lijden draaglijker is als je je gesteund voelt door religie. Soms wou ik dat ik het ook kon geloven.

Gepost door: Little Witch | 26-07-06

Especially from your angel I also believe we have guardian angels taking care of us! I like the the following song from Chiara:

I’ll be your angel
In your darkest night
I'll be your destiny
Waiting by your side
I’ll be the sunshine
When you’re feeling blue
I’m always here
For you

I'll keep my fingers crossed. Big hug

Gepost door: Elly | 26-07-06

~~ I do believe in guardian angels and I'm sure yours will look out for you. And in the meanwhile I say my little prayer for you.

Gepost door: Crisje | 26-07-06

de engeltjes zullen er een glimlachende dag van maken, we duimen voor jullie hoor

Gepost door: willy | 26-07-06

~~ Any news ???

Gepost door: Crisje | 27-07-06

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