Uncertainties and happy times

I'm still not sure what to do with my blog. My eldest daughter asked me whether I had changed blogs, but it's not clear why she asked. So as long as I don't know if she found my hiding place, English it will be.

Centerparcs was lots of fun, though I had to take time-outs from some activities to have a little afternoon nap. The heat might have something to do with that also. Nevertheless I managed to conquer my hatred of noisy, splashy people to go swimming TWICE and I even played some badminton, although the temperature in the sports hall was way above my body's limitation. My heart went beating like crazy and the two times ten minute games felt like I'd been doing an aerobic workout of an hour. Sweat included.  Yuck !

Yesterday we had a small party for Sweetest Darling Daughter's birthday with pancakes and a small BBQ and then we went home again, because I was expected in hospital for my scan this morning. Scan went smoothly and now we're waiting for results. Again. The story of my life, it seems. I still feel great and confident whatever the news will be, realizing that I have no other choice than to take life as it is and keep believing that one way or another "the best is yet to come".

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I snap the problem. I'll follow you wherever you go.
Kiss and hug,

Gepost door: kaatje | 24-07-06

Optimistic I admire your optimism,
but then again you are right,
there is nothing else we can do than take life as it comes sometimes, often....

I'm crossing my fingers for the outcome of the scan...

Gepost door: lavender faery | 24-07-06

~~ Also crossing my fingers again. Let us know asap please....But I do have to say, it's really weird, communicating like this, but what the heck..as long as we communicate....

Gepost door: Crisje | 24-07-06

*°*°*° "The best is yet to come" keep on the positive thinking :-)
My English is horrible, I do understand everything but writing is an other pair of sleeves ;-)

Gepost door: zuchtje | 24-07-06

@Crisje but isn't it fun to do so ?

Gepost door: Anneke | 25-07-06

@Anneke Lots of fun....As if I don't get to practice enough with all these english clowns here .....But hey, it makes it a bit more exciting and challenging!!

Gepost door: Crisje | 25-07-06

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