Fasten your seatbelts.

There are some slight disturbances afffecting this blog. The same ones we managed to overcome before, so I'm sure I'll succeed again in beating this little problem.  Since I do not want to move house again, some changes will have to be made right here to maintain the all too necesary steadiness in my life, whilst keeping open my direct communication lines with the rest of the world. First option would be to write in English from now on. Could even be en français, or vielleicht eben auf Deutsch??? Whatever you prefer: my dungeon for a brain could sure do with some language practice and I am sure alle of these languages are still  in there somewhere. Chinese has slipped through the brain maze for good I'm afraid, so I won't even suggest using that. ;-)

Second option is to move my blog to another blog provider and start over completely. I'm not very keen on this en it will only possible, if you all solemnly swear to follow where I go. No use writing for an audience that isn't there or that doesn't know you. Am I demanding too much? Probably. I really don't have that much to add anyway. Vanity strikes again ! Well, if you like me, you'll follow and if you don't, you won't. Simple as that.

Major advantage of me writing in English would be that my Aussie girlfriend could finally understand what all the jibberish nonsense I put on these pages, is about. She'll have a right good laugh about it too, Laughing with those "silly belgians"..

So, it's up to you. Let me know what you think I should do.... Or rather let me know what YOU would do.

You have three days to think about it cause we won't be back until Sunday Evening...

Lots of fun and lots of love!

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*** I'm not sure what I would do. If it is about the k..s, they will soon start to learn English so in that case writing in English would not be the best option; if there is another reason, I don't know. As far as I'm concerned you can write in English or French (I'm a translator without any practice lately because..., well you know why :->, and it would be good to train my brain). But if you decide to move, I will follow you wherever you may go because I don't want to miss you!!!

Gepost door: Elly | 21-07-06

Hallo Anneke,, een hele fijn en zonnige

Gepost door: mireille | 21-07-06

first we wish you an excellent holliday, second we will follow you to another blog , third, even we can sometimes understand the english language:-)so it's up to you again:-)

Gepost door: willy | 21-07-06

*°*° I will follow you too ;-)

Gepost door: zuchtje | 22-07-06

*** I would follow you again, wherever you go,
just let me know....

Gepost door: lavender faery | 22-07-06

=^..^= follow me, follow you..... wherever you go..... hummmm, what would I do??? depends on the reason WHY.... moving is indeed a option but writing in another language would be a good training for all of us ;-)))))
as somebody said before: it's up to YOU, I'm afraid

Gepost door: Talleke | 23-07-06

follow you! Me... your stalker... ;o)

Gepost door: Steffie | 24-07-06

~~ Wherever you go, I will follow, wherever you are, I will be around...Is this what you want to hear my dear, well then...now it's up to you!!!

Gepost door: Crisje | 24-07-06

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Gepost door: hetraifaer | 13-07-10

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